Don't just take our word for it - Hear what actual clients have to say about their "Intense" experience at Kamp Pendleton.

"Daryl is an excellent teacher-you should bottle him up and seal him! He explains why we are doing each exercise and shows me proper technique over and over without losing patience. He is very encouraging without being falsely applauding. He keeps pushing me until I reach my maximum potential.”​​

Janet Portman Attorney

"I could not have attained the level of fitness I am at now without Daryl's instructions, guidance and support. His personality encourages me to come to the gym at least 2 times a week! I am sure that if I were to try a fitness program by myself, I would not be there at the gym today!”

Bay Buchanan Political Commentator

"Daryl is an excellent trainer that will work with you to ensure that you reach your max. He has been instrumental in the physical conditioning for my whole family. I could not have picked a better Role Model if I shopped for one.”

Jim Hoskins CEO

"I am much more energetic even with my hectic schedule. I have lost weight and have kept it off! I also lost inches all around and feel so much stronger. Daryl has been an inspiration to my whole family”

Stacy Schwartz V.P. Sales


"I've been training at Kamp Pendleton in Reston VA for 4 years. Its been a transformative experience. The best thing about Daryl, John and the rest of the team is they meet you where you are at regardless of what shape you are in, what size you are or your age. Every session pushes further than you will push yourself while protecting your body from injury (or dealing with past injuries). Every session is a unique challenge. Fitness is not a destination, its a direction and KP's goal is to always point you in the best direction FOR YOU until that direction is ingrained in your psyche. Balancing aerobic and anaerobic exercises I can't recommend this group enough if you are ready to make fitness a part of your life. I am writing this purely because I believe in them and this program.”​

Rich Kilmer Entrepreneur

"D is an awesome motivator with a no-nonsense approach to helping you reach your goal. His humor really helps you get through the pain and the results are amazing. I dropped 30lbs during my stay at Kamp Pendleton.”

Troy Lee Web Developer