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Skyy Bollers

AFAA Certified Boot Kamp Specialist

Physical fitness has been a hallmark of Skyy's life going back to high school track; however, it was not until she had gained more than fifty pounds during each of her pregnancies that she began paying close attention to weight management.  Heart disease is prevalent on both sides of her lineage, and she made a commitment to herself that she will NOT allow a preventable condition to adversely affect the quality of her life.  She is passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness goals in spite of the many obstacles that we may face.  She is a wife, mother, and an accountant by career, so she fully understands the pressures we all face when trying to make time for an exercise regimen.  As such, she designs workout routines that are efficient and effective, as well as supplemental routines that can be performed at home without the use of gym equipment.

Her goal is to help her clients pursue fitness as a lifelong endeavor which encompasses a holistic approach that goes beyond just sweating in the gym.  Her philosophy is “A holistic approach to fitness improves your health and prolongs your life.”

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