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Reggie Tillman, Jr.

"Hip Hop" Zumba Instructor

Reggie is a Washington, DC native who loves to laugh and
have a great time.  A Quality Assurance Specialist by day, he transforms from the business gentleman to a dancing machine.  In his younger years, he was the child that was shy and quiet until music was placed in the atmosphere.  He has always lived and breathed music in any form and fashion, and has a hidden singing talent.  


Reggie fell in love with Zumba approximately 3 years ago after attempting his first class at a D.C. gym he was a member with.  The energy, the excitement and most importantly, the workout that he received in that 1-hour class sparked a new love and desire.  With the constant push and motivation of other Zumba instructors and fellow co-workers, Reggie pursued his certification in April 2013.

He thrives off the joy and excitement each student presents at each class and he guarantees the ultimate experience in every class.  

Reggie looks forward to growing his brand in Zumba and helping each person reach their fitness goals one shimmy, dip and shake at a time.  

Come join the Party!!!

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