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KP Boot Kamp 2013

Boot Kamp runs from Monday, June 24 through Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome to Boot Kamp 2013


I would like to Welcome all of our  Returning and New Boot Kamp Trainees!!   I am very excited about this year as I am every year at the start of our program.   We saw some AWESOME RESULTS last year, and this year we are looking for even Bigger and Better accomplishments.  To the RETURNING TRAINEES, you know what to expect and YOU now understand that it’s not about some unattainable goal, but it’s about what YOU want to achieve.  You know that anything you put your mind to and believe in, and JUST DO IT,…YOU WILL ACHIEVE!! 

To the NEW TRAINEES, understand that this is just the next chapter in your Health and Wellness Lifestyle.  Skyy Boller will be pushing you to be the best you can be.  Know and believe that you can do it!!  We will not allow you to fall into that trap of thinking that you CAN’T do it.  You can do anything you set your mind to and if you have been training here at KAMP PENDLETON, You know that already!!  Relax and have fun, but believe in yourself and the RESULTS will speak for themselves!!. Make sure you HYDRATE your body 30 MINUTES PRIOR to running.  Some days we will run up the hill and others we will run down . You will be provided with a beginning target lap number. Make sure you have a good running sneaker.  If you feel tired, POWER WALK(walking in a fast motion, arms pumping hard) then start back up running when you feel ready. The important thing is to finish…on time. 

Things to keep in mind:


DO NOT START RUNNING BEFORE 4:45AM TOWARDS YOUR TARGET NUMBER!! IF YOU DO , JUST COUNT THEM AS “BONUS” LAPS!!! You will have 15 minutes to complete your LAP COUNT.  Skyy will be changing your LAP number so check in with her if you have any questions.  REMEMBER ON THE FIRST DAY WE WILL MEET INSIDE.. No running inside unless previously discussing with Skyy.




3 Days -  $560.00

5 Days -  $800.00


If you have questions, feel free to connect with us. We look forward to another summer of HEALTH, WELLNESS and "INTENSE TRAINING FOR INTENSE RESULTS!"

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